Burn Free

Pain relieving Gel, 4oz Bottle

Single Dose Packet, 1/8oz

Pain Relieving Gel, 24/Box

Single Does Packet, 6/Box (unit size)

Burn Dressing, 4"x4"

Burn Dressing, 8"x8"

Burn Dressing, 16"x24"

Burn Blanket, 8"x5"

Burn Jel

A topical gel for use on small minor burns.  Combines the cooling Water-Jel formula with lidocaine for fast relief.


Burn Jel 6 Packets/Box

Burn Jel 4oz. Bottle

Burn Jel 25 Packets/Box


Vehicle Burn Kit - Plastic

Can be wall-mounted or stored in vehicle.  Contains Water-Jel dressing, bandages, gloves, etc.


Large Burn Kit - Metal

Metal station can be wall- mounted or hand-carried to burn victim.  Includes Water-Jel dressings, sterile bandages, gloves, etc.

Burn Kit (Soft Pack)

Designed for wet or dry emergency treatment of localized thermal, friction, electrical and chemical burns.



Burn Kits, Plastic

Burn Kit for Food Service

Burn Kit for Industrial/Welding

Burn Kit for Utilities

BurnFree 10 Unit Kit

BurnFree 16 Unit Kit

Water Jel

Patented Water-Jel combines a scientifically formulated gel and special carrier material.  No training is needed to use this product.  Just place it on the burn and immediately it helps to lower skin temperature and ease pain.  The covered wound is protected from further contamination.  Packaged in heat-seal foil pouches or air-tight canisters.  Easy-to-store, easy-to-transport.

                         Water Jel Blanket 3'x2.5'

                         Water Jel Blanket 8'x6'

                         Water Jel Blanket 6'x5'

                         Water Jel Sterile 4"x4"

                         Water Jel Sterile 4"x16"

                         Sterile Face Mask 12"x16"

                         Water Jel Sterile 8"x18"

                         Water Jel Sterile 2"x2"

                         Water Jel Sterile 2"x6"

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